Expert witness: A wealthy financial investor, Frederick Goldstein portrayed as the financial sponsor for Anna at a Wall Street venture capital presentation one week prior to her hospitalization.

This woman has a brain that works like no other. She probably has the most extensive file of research on mental health in the nation.  Steven, Feldstein Financial Group, LLC 2005

“Janet, you are a savant.” 2005

What does SAVANT mean? initiate, learned person, pundit, savant (noun) someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field. a learned person, especially a distinguished scientist.

Definition of savant

1a person of learningespecially one with detailed knowledge in some specialized field (as of science or literature)

2a person affected with a developmental disorder (such as autism or intellectual disability) who exhibits exceptional skill or brilliance in some limited field (such as mathematics or music)

INSERT video from Wall Street

Steven Feldstein’s introduction to Bigfoot Productions/California in 2005 following Wall Street presentation.

I’m sharing this email with you and four other attorneys I have a great deal of respect for. A Roundtable member is producing a film called “Calling God to the Witness Stand”.  This woman has a brain that works like no other. She probably has the most extensive file of research on mental health in the nation.  Steven, Feldstein Financial Group, LLC

It is a true story of a woman who experienced a spiritual emergency and as a result, was locked away in our mental health system (spiritual emergency training is now mandated within the mental health system as of 1994). The film will center around a court case with a real defense attorney and prosecuting attorney who will argue their case before a real judge and produce real witnesses. In essence, they’re putting God on the witness stand. I’ve been asked if I can find the two attorneys. If the trailer is picked up and I suspect it will be, the same attorneys will star in the movie. Are you interested?   Steven

In a message dated 11/22/2005 5:30:45 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes:
Steven:  sounds interesting.  As you are aware, I am a corporate attorney/General Counsel for a venture capital firm which (among other things) owns an entertainment company  — see  We produce and invest in film and TV productions.  I have forwarded the concept to our Dir. of Development, who would be interested in reading the script if the producer is looking for investors.  As for me personally, I have a fair amount of prior litigation experience, so let me know if looking for an actor.   Jeff from Bigfoot Productions.

Jeff….We’re looking for both attorney/actors and serious investors.  Steven

Steven Feldstein was the key partner to talk with every day while I was at Bergen Regional.  He provided me with his lawyer.  He told me to write each day to maintain my sanity. He wanted to sue the State of NJ for locking me up. I told Steven NO. We will make a movie and educate the world through entertainment. He made calls to ensure that sanitary conditions and balanced meals were restored. We made a difference during my 11 days in the psychiatric ward.  1/30/05. 

About the Author described by Steven Feldstein/Wall Street Mentor.

Janet Werner of the Roundtable has written perhaps the largest body of work regarding the mental health care system in America. She has become a recognized authority on the subject of “spiritual emergency” and the failure of the health care system in America to recognize it and understand it.

* She has a long reputation for inspiring and empowering corporate America as an entrepreneur, writer and speaker on breakthrough thinking that appeals to the masses.

*She is a single mom, with a spiritual strength and fortitude to come back from multiple successes and derailments – someone who never gives up, who reaches deep inside to come back each and every time.  Someone who has relentlessly brought herself through a reinvention and transformation that will inspire…She has a dramatic story to tell about the truth in experiencing a spiritual emergency. *Janet Werner has collected 30 years of research and written about the inner workings of the mind of what many call crazy, she documents the inner workings of spiritual transformation from the mind of someone who has been mislabeled, locked up, suppressed and discarded by institutional ignorance.