Cross examination of treating physician.

  • Fictionalized reality based on facts:  To be written.
  • FICTION for TV:Dr. Daniel you were not scheduled on the ER on the night of June 26, 2019  when Anna Biltmore was admitted to the Brooklyn Psychiatric Hospital in NY but….
  • The next day, June 27, 2019, you received a call from a colleague who knew Anna Biltmore…and you looked into her intake interview & spoke with the attending….

This is EXPOSITION:  giving facts

Focus on cross examination of treating physician.  See separate doc.

  • Would you read pages……of Anna Biltmore’s medical report.  Who is looking at medical report? Cross examine the MD who treated Anna.  Incompetent about making that determination.  How did you make that determination? Violation of standard of care.  What process did you do for making this determination?
    • and state in your expert opinion what is true/useful in regard to the care & treatment of Anna Biltmore experiencing a spiritual emergency.
    • Edit:  what errors did the treating physician make in regard to…
    • Expert:  there should have been a comparison with real world ….
    • And state from your fact checking what is not true.  …what is it called when a medical report has this many untrue statements?  What is the impact on the patient Anna Biltmore….to have so many untrue statements in her report?
    • As you studied this report were there things you found to be clearly untrue statements and leading to unfair treatment of Anna Biltmore.

Fact checking for cross examination.

Cross examination: treating physician. (Dr. Nanjami (Bergen Regional) name to be fictionalized.

  • What do you say to this? What is ethically appropriate in this situation? Does a patient not have a right to participate in her own treatment plan especially a patient obviously highly functional?  Anna Biltmore’s medical report states of this patient on pg___: “cognition intact”. This particular woman, clearly articulate, and intelligent, Anna Biltmore, a competent single mother of a 10 year old highly functioning boy, Anna with a Masters degree, good reputation in the business world…good healthy reputation on the psychiatric ward… presented research documents, demonstrated complete compliance while locked on the psychiatric ward for 11 days and yet the medical team did not listen or fact check.
  • Need expert re how patient should be handled/prevent overmedicate
  • What do you say about Anna Biltmore’s testimony?