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“Forced hospitalization can feel like an ASSAULT on the individual

by the mental health system”. Calvin Chatlos, MD.

LOGLINE: Inspired by true events. The year is 2007, a businesswoman and single mom takes on the state of New Jersey’s mental health system in an unprecedented court case as she sues the psychiatric institution that treats her spiritual experience with a misdiagnosis, forced hospitalization and forced medication.

Janet’s true story recorded at Rutgers University 2019

Commentary on Janet’s story recorded at Rutgers University, 2019

Michael Garbe, Doctor of Social Work and Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in incorporating spirituality into therapy.

How do you know who is sane and who is insane?  Why do so many who experience manic also talk of God so intimately? Did you ever consider that manic was close to the experience of spiritual attunement?  What if you found yourself opening up to a beautiful spiritual experience only to be locked away and labeled crazy? This true story is replicated around the globe for thousands of years. In some cultures, these experiences are invited and honored. In the Baptist church today, they are celebrated on Sunday. In some cultures, they are frowned upon, and folks are discarded.  Everyone will relate to this real-life drama about “the girl next door who had an extraordinary experience that most don’t talk about. It will open your eyes and heart to new considerations. There are truly diamonds to be mined in the rough seas of mental health & spirituality here on earth. Janet Werner 2005

Recorded in 2006, a year following forced hospitalization. Janet Werner
“I’m just wondering how many lives we can save by getting the truth out.” Janet Werner

Joshua Roberts, master’s in theology, Fuller Theological Seminary; CEO, Inspired Mind Mental Health LLC, Neurodiversity Trainer, NAMI San Diego.

SETTING: New Jersey court room interspersed with scenes from Spy in the House of Crazy™ (not yet produced) and law office research teams. The research and testimonies in this movie will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the growing number of spiritual and mystical experiences (based on Gallup poll & Pew research) are often mislabeled as mental illness.  The lawyers will call to the witness stand representatives from the mental health system, academic researchers, Hollywood celebrities on the borderline, religious leaders, government officials, the pharmaceutical, insurance and medical world and consumers from the spiritual marketplace – to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about what has been suppressed in witnessed evidence, medical research documentation, religious and cultural values and human rights/legal violations.  This delivers a compelling story telling the truth with honor and grace revealing that society will no longer tolerate misinformation or suppressed information. New alternatives and solutions will be presented.

THE CENTRAL MESSAGE: It’s time for the paradigm to shift. Challenge the disbelief in spiritual experiences.

Elizabeth Sabet, CEO and Lead Instructor The Institute of Transformational and Transpersonal Coaching. Board Member, American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE)

In the recording link below Elizabeth Sabet provides an example of testimony in regard to Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE). Video recording to be replaced by AUDIO only.

Elizabeth Sabet testimony – Google Drive

Interview of Elizabeth Sabet by Dr. John Calvin Chatlos acting as lawyer for Calling God to the Witness Stand™ movie. August 26, 2022.

What if we got Denzel on our team & positioned him as the JUDGE in the courtroom?
January 2022
Let’s irritate some folks with the truth.

The mental health system has been operating on misinformation since the DSM III of 1980 influencing a false narrative that chemical imbalance causes mental illness and requires lifelong medication to manage behavior along with no promise of recovery. The pharmaceutical industry maintained the false narrative marketing to unsuspecting consumers and even to medical professionals who overprescribed medication. The DSM influenced stigmatizing with mental illness labels that branded people for life with no cure while historical and cultural practices around the globe demonstrate a healthy purposeful view and positive outcome for what traditional western medicine calls illness. The DSM-IV in 1994 added a v code that encourages conversations on spirituality and religion as part of the problems to address during treatment. (V 62.89 Religious or Spiritual Problem). Insurance companies have not caught up with this billing code. While universities around the globe provide research to shift the paradigm, mainstream consumers are kept in the dark and medical students are not trained adequately to apply the cultural competencies for this v-code required as of 1994. Consumers are hospitalized and overmedicated suffering with lifelong stigmas and unnecessary mental health battles that could have been overcome saving thousands of dollars per consumer and preserving the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that spiritually transformative experiences offer.

Aborting an STE through hospitalization can lead to a painful and long unnecessary & costly journey to recovery.

Calling God to the Witness Stand™ is interspersed with humorous scenes of ‘you can’t make this stuff up’ type scenes based on true story content (court room is totally fictionalized) that will deeply engage a mainstream audience to be glued to the screen and yearning for the sequel.


  1. Bring TRUTH out on the witness stand from all sides.
  2. Reinventing mental health in specific applications. What would success look like to be treated and made whole, and not be medicated, hospitalized, etc? How to make this successful on an individual level not necessarily system level. Professionals can put into practice. IE. Calvin’s publications. Bio/psycho/social medicine. Add framework for spiritual core to Calvin’s testimony.
  3. Transformative experiences/Spiritually Transformative Experiences with positive outcome…2 leading to Spiritual Emergency & hospitalization when fear & grief entered. Prevalence of spiritual experiences in the general population. Demystify spiritual/mystical.
  4. eliminate/replace the term psychosis
  5. Holistic/spiritual counseling/alternative therapies & new models of therapy to respect spiritually transformative experiences. Demo Christ Consciousness applications along with efficacy of multi-cultural tools & traditions.
  6. Family dynamics
  7. Love/loss/grief/divorce/lack of support as precipitating factors prior to both spiritual emergencies & hospitalizations
  8. Single motherhood with no support raising a very healthy/respectable son
  9. Successful female entrepreneur, business failure/derailment & recovery/reinvention of self…offering hope in the process
  10. Suppression of voice/withholding of voice from fear of religious stigma & ostracization to truth telling.
  11. Shame from hospitalization: Address prejudice & fear of those labeled with mental illness, especially when hospitalized.
    1. protecting corporate image. lack of corporate career recovery leads to transformative new mission.
    2. demystifying who goes into & what goes on inside mental institutions, what it is like, historical views & current realities.
  12. Reinvention success & completion of original spiritual experience integration/transformation
  13. Support/compassion/empathy/team approach to resurrecting voice & courage. WE is our medicine.

Examples of scenes: to be documented in storyboard format

  • A weary single mom who previously was a successful entrepreneur meets in a law office conference room six months after being wrongfully hospitalized and over medicated in a mental institution against her will. Research documents spread all over the table capture the lawyers’ attention who are whispering to themselves about this being an unprecedented class action suit that will make them famous.
  • Anna Biltmore (portraying Janet Werner) presenting on Wall Street and then nine days later escorted by police to NJ Regional Hospital psychiatric ward. Anna’s 10-year-old son watching and thinking, “I don’t know if I will ever see my mom again.”
  • Expert witnesses at court include research scientists, medical doctors and Wall Street business colleagues confirming that Anna’s diagnosis and treatment is against protocol for her condition and that the hospital medical report is false.
  • Weave in personal stories of witnesses to demonstrate skepticism/prejudice against & openness to spiritual experiences.

Outcomes from the movie

  • Demystify spirituality as it relates to mental health & differentiate between extraordinary spiritual experiences and mental illness along with solutions.
  • Reduction in mental illness diagnosis in young adults due to awareness & education of teens in the spiritual nature of mental health. Reduction of mental health concerns on the college campus.
  • Influence the establishment of alternative facilities for spiritual emergencies.
  • Peer Respite & other overnight alternatives to hospitalization. Treatment Center | East Millstone, NJ – Earth House Soteria House – Pathways Vermont   How Does the Soteria House Heal? ( Origins1971 Dr. Loren Mosher of the National Institute for Mental Health opened the first “Soteria House” in Santa Clara, California.
  • Establish 1 special unit on 1 floor of a NJ hospital for STE/SEY including chaplain training. Expand around the USA. Reduce admissions & reduce time on the psychiatric ward. Integrate new healthy solutions into psychiatric hospitals.
  • Orient NJ 988 responders in spiritual emergency protocol via an app.
  • Train 1 NJ emergency room/hospital psychiatric ward in v-code awareness on Spiritual and Religious Problems in a way that includes this topic in therapy.
  • Media coverage grows with news reports of information that has been withheld from consumers for decades. Pharmaceutical CEOs are being interviewed with tough questions that they can’t fully answer in regard to lack of clinical trials to determine the efficacy of lower dosages of anti-psychotic medications and lack of research on herbal medicine, Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine that has become popular with mental health consumers and that might pose harmful contraindications with anti-psychotic medications. 
  • Consumer outrage at the misleading anti-psychotic and anti-depressive medication advertisements that still promote the false narrative of chemical imbalance.
  • Universities around the globe investing in studies and holding conferences on the latest research that supports greater efficacy with alternative medicines and holistic practices and full recovery from previously misunderstood mental illness diagnosis.
  • People around the USA and around the globe standing up and speaking out.
  • Hollywood celebrities who have battled mental illness previously announcing their labels of bipolar and depression are changing their stories as they find new information on Spiritually Transformative Experiences with better remedies.
  • Conversations around the family dinner table include new thinking on unresolved mental health concerns.
  • We want families of teens and young adults to watch this together to prevent stigma & misdiagnosis when having a spiritual experience that masks as a mental illness. Cast a well-known figure in teen/20something world as younger Anna Biltmore to appeal to a younger generation as well.
  • FUTURE/followup: A fictionalized TV series of court cases over multiple seasons bringing the entire mental health system to court.

The movie, ERIN BROCKOVICH, is determined as 98% accurate.  We manage the integrity of our film to be 100% accurate in regard to expert testimony and character story lines.

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