Dr. John Calvin Chatlos, Professor of Psychiatry at Rutgers University Robert Wood Johnson Medical School portrayed by the character, Jonathan Cavanaugh MD. 
Written in 2006
Laura Lee Scott’s testimony provides inspiration for Anna Biltmore’s testimony & the lawyer’s closing statement.
Deb Louise Ortiz, film producer, actress.

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Hilary Van Welter, CEO of Ascentia a Sense, Think and DO Company
Ontario, Canada in conversation with Janet Werner on the value of opening the conversation on the DSM-IV Code V62:89 Spiritual and Religious Problems. Sept. 8, 2022
Hilary Van Welter conversation with Janet Werner on the words psychosis, psychotic, altered states of consciousness, shadow experiences. Sept. 8, 2022
Joshua Roberts (BA Psychology, MA Theology) commenting on Janet Werner’s STE in 1979 from Christian perspective
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Court room interview Anna Biltmore 2006 version to be edited with expert lawyer

Lawyer:  We call Anna Biltmore to the witness stand. Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Anna:  I do NOW with you standing by me.  And I do in this court.  For 25 years it has been unsafe to tell the truth. I  told the truth to too many people too often in the wrong settings and got in a lot of trouble.

Lawyer:  Just answer my question.  Is it true that you have had 7 experiences of mystical altered states of consciousness, now defined as Spiritual Emergency, where you state you have been in direct communion with a higher Source?  Is it true that Gallop Poll research suggests that 50% of the population experiences mystical states? 

Anna:  YES. I had 7 spiritual emergencies where I was conscious of my mind slipping out of this reality and into some other reality.  I do automatic writing and channel sort of like I am hyper-linked to the collective unconscious in the sky.  I don’t hear voices.  I don’t see visual visions. I just record what I witness and what I witness in those states is quite extraordinary.  And yes 50% of the population experience mystical moments in some form, but nobody’s talking too much.

(Scene cut to College Dorm, 1979 recording the messages of order noticed in chaotic downloads as if she saw writing of radio waves)

Lawyer:  And you don’t call yourself Crazy. You don’t consider this crazy, out of touch? Manic?

Anna:  Crazy maybe but not mentally ill.  Out of touch, Yes definitely.  Manic – I’m not big on labels but the experience appears to be exactly like a manic episode.  The difference is I was always fully conscious like I was witnessing my own self witnessing.  I was also clear on the spiritual purpose of it.

Lawyer:  Is it true that you were locked up in a mental institution when you were 25 and then again at 51 and administered drugs and kept against your will until you complied with the established program?  Is it true that these spiritual emergencies you have had – if you had  them during ancient times and in ancient cultures you would have been honored and protected?  If you would have had them on a Sunday morning in a Baptist church you would have been honored and protected?  If you had them in this present day in some cultures in the far east and not in NJ you would have been understood, honored and protected?  If you would have had them in California under the supervison of experts like Dr. Lukoff and Dr. Grof you would have been able to follow them through to their completion and lived a much easier, more fruitful, peaceful life as it is meant to be?

Anna:  Yes.

Lawyer:  Is it true that you have collected research for over 25 years to prove beyond any unreasonable doubt that you are innocent of the manic crime you are labeled with?  Is it true that you have had contact with the two doctors who are specialists in spiritual emergency, Dr. Lukoff and Dr. Grof? 

Anna:  Yes. And I am currently being treated by an Oriental medical doctor who respects the spiritual emergence protocal.

(scene cut to brief interview with Dr. Lukoff/Dr. Grof)

Lawyer:  Is it true that you shut down your own voice, shut down your truth, hid behind the role of an acceptable career ……and despite the shutting down of truth found a way to be successful in your career providing counsel to brilliant corporate executives?  Found a way to give birth to a son and to raise your son primarily on your own to be a stable, responsible, spiritually strong young man?  Is it true that you have a long standing respectable reputation in the business and community and that you have been a successful entrepreneur since 1988?   Is it true that because you had no one expert to validate your truth for all these years that you shut off your own voice, your own truth and allowed what you call Spiritual Rape – You allowed a system to insert itself into your life – adopting the systems’ s language in a way that you hid your own language?  Is it true that at this present time you have used up most of your life’s savings, you no longer have your well earned 1.5 million in 3 properties, you no longer have any sort of routine engagement in employment nor income nor in the routines of life as you once knew them?  And that you have been in reclusion for 3 years now?

(Cut to scene of Miracles on 83 Street being bulldozed along with the ritual of giving thanks witnessed by her son and two friends – spring 2005)

Anna:  Yes up to recently.  After 3 years of retreat I am now employing myself as The Cleaning Lady.

Lawyer:  Is it true that in January, 2004 after spending over a year in spiritual retreat following the ending of your second entrepreneurial business that you wrote the truth of your story in one sitting and that you felt a healing relief simply from expressing the truth.  Is it true that telling the truth is the primary tool for moving through a spiritual emergency?

Anna: Yes.

Lawyer:  Is it true that on March 12, 2005 the Executive Director of Higher Education in Washington DC, Greg Roberts met with you, read your work and stated to you, “This work must be published.”  Is it true that he also was the same man who walked by your side during your first Spiritual Emergency with what you call the strength and belief in God that helped you to feel safe during a very confusing time?  Is it also true that this man said to you on March 12, 2005, “If you would have told me you were having a spiritual emergency it would have changed the course of everything.”  Is this also the man who asked you, “How do we care for the emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual and physical needs of our college students now experiencing an epidemic of anxiety, panic and suicidal concerns?”

Anna:  Yes.

(scene cut to The College of NJ, 1979, sitting on the hill, crying and saying, “I’ll be back”)

Lawyer:  On June 17, 2005 did you present on Wall Street to an executive roundtable a First Aid Kit for Spiritual Emergency on the college campus?  Is Steven Feldstein the man who sponsored you with the words, “This is a woman who has a brain like no other.  This is a woman who does not judge …this is a woman who honors and respects the conditions of depression and mental health struggle….

Anna: Yes.

(scene cut to Steven’s roundtable presentation reading testimonies of suicide victims, honoring their  voice, their warning)

Lawyer:  Is it true that one week later, on June 26, 2005 you were escorted to Bergen Regional Mental Health Facility by 2 police officers?  Is it also true that those police officers responded to a call from your family who was operating on the earlier mislabel of manic depression and who judged your spiritual emergency to be a mental illness breakdown.  Do you believe your family’s intent was to help you?  Do you believe they did the best they could?  Do you believe you have something to say that will help other families take more honoring action, less costly action than to lock someone up when in a spiritual emergency state?

Anna:  Yes.

Lawyer:  Is it true that during your 11 days you maintained contact with your business associates, one being Steven Feldstein who was intrumental in impacting the unsanitary and abusive conditions and insuring that proper nutrition was installed?

Anna: Yes.

Lawyer:  Is it true that your personal doctor who weaned you off of lithium with holistic vitamin therapy and support for your spiritual emergency research denied this to Bergen Regional?  Is it also true that this same personal doctor closed her practice to you upon your release from Bergen Regional?

Anna:  Yes, she warned me over a year ago that she was very cautious about publicly standing up to the medical profession about holistic practices.   I just never thought she would deny the truth especially when I relied on her testimony while being locked up.

Lawyer:  Is it true that on the first night, June 26, 2005, while in the ER you slipped in an out of this spiritual emergency consciousness?  At some point are you willing to tell us the truth of exactly what you were doing on the ER during those 24 hours?

Anna:  YES, but now right now.

(Scene cut to testimonies from Australia, Chicago, NJ telepathic monitors)

Lawyer:  Is it true that your medical report from Bergen Regional states that you had “Delusions of grandiosity” because you thought you were directly connected to Wall Street?  Delusions of grandiosity that you were directly connected to Washington DC.  And that you had delusions of grandiosity of being an entrepreneur?

Anna:  Yes.

Lawyer:  Is it true that on both occasions at 25 and then again at 51 while you were locked in the institution against your will that you chose to find ways to be of service and spent time counseling patients?  And that on both occasions the patients at first did not trust you – they thought you were an undercover SPY from the medical team? 

Anna: Yes to most everything.  In 1979 I chose to go in against the choice of going home and shutting down my voice.  I figured that I had a better chance of telling the truth in the hospital and doing some good than I would have of telling the truth at home.  I walked in the hospital with fear that I would be electroshocked or put in a straight jacket.  It was traumatic.  Yet I walked in with a strong belief that God had me covered.

Lawyer:  Is it true that you have suffered, been mislabeled, suppressed, dishonored, ……from these false accusations?  …Is it true that you spent years releasing frustration, anger, rage to be able to function?  Is it true that you have a $14,000 bill from this latest hospitalization and that you received no therapy?  Is it true that you supplied the doctors your research on spiritual emergency protocal and they ignored it?  Is it true that you sent copies of the protocal and research to the CEO of the hospital and have not received a response?

Anna:  Yes. & No.  For 7 months I did not receive any response.  In January 2006 I did receive an invitation to meet the CEO of Bergen Regional Hospital.  Mr Joseph Gallegher asked for copies of my research and invited me to submit a proposal on how to Rethink How We Think about mental health.  With his support my $14,000 bill has been cleared and covered by the State of NJ.  I have not received a response to my business proposal to Rethink How We think about mental health.

Lawyer:  Is it true that you have not received any response from the various letters to your Governor, Congressmen, Senators?

Anna:  Yes & No. Mostly No but Yes, I have received some responses. Some have sent my paperwork to others.  The others lost my paperwork.  Some say they will get back to me.  Some don’t reply.  I have not yet met nor talked directly on the telephone with any of the government officials except an administrative assistant who provided a referral number. 

Lawyer:  We call to the witness stand: The CEO of Bergen Regional.  Dr. Lukoff, Dr. Grof, Dr. Whitney, Dr. Nanjami, Dr. Casimir, Senator Karcher, Former Governor & Mrs.Codey

Jodi Foster testimony demo for Anna Biltmore

Court room scene demo for lawyer & Anna Biltmore

Calvin Chatlos MD case study with Janet Werner for Dr. Cavenaugh case study/testimony

Recordings by Janet Werner in 2015 during 2 weeks of solitude at the lake house after trying again to work with a colleague & producer to move forward.

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